Free Exhibition Screenings hosted by: ADA GALLERY

located at: 228 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23220

(Come and enjoy free short films on a continuous loop)

12:00PM - 5:00PM


(Directed by: SEWRA KIDANE)

.... When your Earth Plane feels a strong sense of pull,setting in motion an enigmatic chase thru a maze ofdimensional time... leading you to an intended chanceencounter with your Higher Self... witnessing her givebirth to your Light Self...inducing the epiphany that bothare alive and well inside of you at this moment in time,sparking your Earth Plane Self to orgasm intoenlightenment...As Above ...


(Directed by: CEDRIC UJOMA)

"10 Toes Down" is an Afrofuturist performance film that chronicles an Emissary's encounter with a spell book called "Spells for the Freeman." As he reads the pages, Spirits arrive and perform both protection and reverence rituals on his ancestral lands, securing both place and identity in the wake of mass corporate land commodification.


(Directed by: Keith Nixon)

An anonymous young man navigates duality in character through safe-spaces.

When these spaces are jeopardized, he is forced to reckon with change.


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